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Blast From The Past – Kareem Rizk

This is a new series of posts showcasing some of the fantastic artwork we have in our mail art archive. I thought since I’d been in contact with Kareem Rizk over the last couple weeks I’d kick this off with him. Kareem is a very talented collage artist and a nice guy to boot. He took part in MMA1 all the way back in 2006 and submitted three pieces. During MMA1 a number of artists contributed prizes to be given away on a weekly basis to those who partook in the project. Kareem was kind enough to send us an original signed collage as one such prize. Since the first Mail Me Art we’ve come to admire Kareem’s work and he’s gone on to have several solo exhibitions.

This is the first piece from MMA1, inside was a very cool signed collage of a car.

Although his work has always been of the highest standard, it seems to get better with every year that goes by. The scary thing is that he’s exactly the same age as me… It’s obvious to see how his work has matured over the years, but it does make me feel old knowing he’s gone from student to established artist over that period. As I said, we’re big fans of his art and if we ever have the chance we will be checking out one of his shows in person.

This was the second piece Kareem Rizk sent in. I really love this one.

And this is the last and final piece Kareem submitted for MMA1.

Kareem Rizk’s mail art is featured in the first MMA book, plus you can see more of his excellent work at http://www.kareemrizk.com/ and if you want to see more classic MMA pieces leave a comment and let us know.