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Mail Me Art: Open All Hours

If you would like to express your interest in Mail Me Art: Open All Hours (MMA4), please fill in the form below. Mail Me Art: Open All Hours will start accepting submissions in September 2013 and we’ll be holding an exhibition and launching a new book for MMA4 in 2015. If you missed out on MMA3 you won’t want to miss out on MMA4, fill in the form! :)

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

136 thoughts on “Submit Mail Art to Mail Me Art

  1. Darren Di Lieto Post author

    @dynhysbys1dynhysbys1 No deadline set yet, but we’ll let everyone know with plenty of time as soon as we do. Yes, please use the provide post and get it sent off to us. Don’t forget to register it. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

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  4. Dave Sutton

    Would love to submit something for this fun project / important cause. It’s possible that there may be more relevant artwork on some of my blogs (as, ahem, my main site is a little out of date). How would i get those blog links to you? Cheers ~ Dave in Edinburgh

  5. JULIE Parker

    Hello, Can you send “mail me art” with a print of your art on the envelope or does it have to be hand painted original work to enter??? Whens the deadline? Many thanks. Julie :)

  6. carlyle baker(ACME)

    i have no website, have been involved in mail-art for many years.
    graphic work has appeared in various art-literature journals.
    should like to submit to mailmeart4.

  7. oolung

    Hi, Darren! Looks like a very fun project (so sorry to have so narrowly missed the exhibition, I was on holiday in London for 2 weeks and left on 17th in the morning :( ) I think I would like to participate in the next edition. Would you send me an e-mail with more information on how it all works, please? Best,

  8. Ashley Katamoto

    I’m interested in sending in art with the middle school and high school students I teach, would that be something that we could do for MMA4?

  9. Darren Di Lieto Post author

    We’ve switched it around each time we’ve run the project. With the current one MMA3, the artwork was on the front of the envelop with the address and sometimes more artwork on the back.

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