Mail Me Art 3: So how did we do? – Part Two

All of the mail art from MMA3 was, and still is, for sale and anyone who purchased original mail art at the shows had their artwork posted out to them at the beginning of September. All of the proceeds from the sales of the original work is being shared between 3 amazing organisations: Teenage Cancer Trust, Animal Aid and WaterAid, with each getting a percentage as voted on by the artists. The Teenage Cancer Trust and Animal Aid were very supportive of the project and it was greatly appreciated. We even got to say hello to a couple of their representatives at the London show. A good number of the pieces sold at the exhibitions and via our online shop in August, but we’re hoping to sell more artwork during September with a Flash Sale in the coming weeks. Hopefully this will mean that we can present some nice juicy cheques to the charities at the end of the month. All sold work will be removed from the shop to help people see what’s still available.


During MMA3 we also produced a book to accompanying the project, which includes all of the mail art from Mail Me Art: Short & Sweet, and we did a first run of 2000 copies. The book was published by The Little Chimp Society and is The LCS’s first official publication as a publisher. The book was written by myself (Darren Di Lieto) with the design and cover created by Beach. It was printed and wrapped by Tyson Press in London. With the release of the MMA3 book on 1st August came the launch of MMA4… Getting yourself a copy of the book is the only way to take part in the next Mail Me Art and this time round the project is open to everyone (we decided to call MMA4 Mail Me Art: Open All Hours as all are welcome!). You don’t need an invitation, you just need the book, which has the instructions and a special mail art card included inside. Additional mail art cards will be available from the MMA shop in the coming weeks – this will include family, group and school packs. You can buy the book directly from us or via Amazon. It’s also being stocked in a few cool independent book shops.

MMA book covers before being sliced and diced.

MMA book before they were bound.

We’ve already started to receive MMA4 submissions and we’re looking at holding an exhibition and creating another book in 2015/2016. I’ll be notifying people if their submissions have arrived and start posting up some of their mail art on the site in October (2013). You might be wondering why we aren’t holding the exhibition in 2014? Well, you need to remember MMA is still really a personal side project and as we mentioned in the last post, it takes a lot of time and money to run it. MMA2 was in 2010 and MMA1 actually started in 2006, taking two years to come to fruition, so a 2015/2016 schedule should come as no surprise!

There was a lot of content including some short interviews and a few work-in-progress photos that didn’t make it into the MMA3 book due to space constraints. I’m planning on posting some of it up on the blog in the coming months as there’s no point keeping it hidden on my computer when I’m sure many of you will find it interesting. Check out the preview below. 🙂

Now, if you don’t already have one, order yourself a copy of Mail Me Art: Short & Sweet and join in the MMA fun! Amazon USA seems to think we’re out of print, but that’s rubbish. If you’re US based – or anywhere for that matter – just order directly from us and we’ll get a copy straight out to you. If you want to hear about the upcoming mail art Flash Sale, make sure you sign up to the LCS newsletter or receive updates about new MMA blog posts by entering your email address in the box at the top of the sidebar.

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  1. taidgh

    brilliant! Great to see. It looks like you’ve (and others) put a lot of work into this project over the years. Got to get my thinking cap on your MMA4 call.

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