Darren Di Lieto

February 7, 2013

This time round with Mail Me Art (3) I’m having the illustrators send me a digital copy of their mail art before they stick it in the post. As you may or may not know mail gets lost in the post all of the time. This way we have a copy to showcase even if it doesn’t make it to it’s destination. There is also another plus to this, it’s just as exciting getting the mail art in my inbox as it is through the letterbox. It’s like seeing a trailer in anticipation of a summer blockbuster! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Seeing it before it get to me!

  1. Darren Di Lieto Post author

    Definitely! We had this amazing mail art box sent to us by Steve Simpson http://stevesimpson.com/ a few years ago, but it never turned up and never got returned! The only proof we had that it ever existed was a couple photo that Steve luckily took before he sent it off. At least they were of a good enough quality to get the work into the book. 🙂

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