Photos from the Short & Sweet London show

I was blown away by the number of people who came to the show last night! Everyone was so friendly and I actually got to meet a load of the very talented amazing artists. It was also very nice to say hello (although only briefly) to Simon, the London ambassador for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

We sold a few books, a couple of the prints and a number of the original mail arts last night. But don’t fret if you came last night and feel you missed your chance to buy the piece you wanted. Everything we have left is in the MMA shop… … And we’re going to be in Hinckley on the 9th.

Here are some of the photo’s I took last night, it was so nice to finally put a few faces to a few names.

3 thoughts on “Photos from the Short & Sweet London show

  1. Darren Di Lieto Post author

    Yes, it ended all too soon didn’t it. Not sure if I would have been able to survive much longer though. 2 more shows to go, you coming to any of the others?

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