Iryna Desukevich’s mail art is awesome!


I’m really glad Iryna Desukevich decided to get herself a copy of the Mail Me Art: Short & Sweet book and take part in MMA4: Open All Hours because her mail art is awesome. Iryan is a painter and children’s illustrator – I’ve had a good nose at her personal portfolio website and Two Trees in the painting section and Garden in the illustration section are fantastic pieces! There’s just something about them that makes me feel calm and content.

I can’t wait for Iryna’s mail art to arrive so I can check it out in person. The scan and photos above were sent by the artist. The mail art is still traversing the planet working it’s way to the UK where hopefully it’ll arrive in one piece. It’s always a worry when the work is in limbo, but that’s just one of the aspects of Mail Me Art that make it such a fun project.

You can check out Iryna Desukevich’s work and the other pieces I mentioned at Also don’t forget if you want to take part in Mail Me Art all you need is a copy of the MMA3 book. Buy the book here, now only £8.99 and shipping internationally.

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