Beautiful mail art on its way from Becca Thorne


One of the things I’m really enjoying about Mail Me Art 4 is that most of the artists who are taking part are emailing me scans of their mail art before they stick them in the postbox. Some of them are amazing and I can’t wait for them to arrive, but I know how the artists feel now. What if it gets lost in the post!? That would be such a shame. During MMA one and two I had no idea what was on the way, so had no idea what was being lost, blissfully unaware of the stressful situation I was putting several thousand illustrators in all in the name of art. While it’s a worrying time while the mail art is in transit, it’s still all very exciting. The beautiful work above is by the talented Becca Thorne. It’s not arrived yet and you can see her popping it into a letterbox below. I don’t mean to worry you, but… what if it doesn’t arrive?!


You can read about Becca’s mail art on her blog and if you want to submit mail art yourself all you need is a copy of Mail Me Art: Short & Sweet.

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