Open All Hours Batch Number Three

It’s time for another batch of Mail Me Art mail art to be showcased. It took a while to scan this lot this time round and we even had one piece not even make it to the letterbox let alone the scanner. Obviously mail goes missing on the odd occasion and it’s a sad fact of modern society that when it does it’s very unlikely it’ll be ever seen again. Luckily all our artist make a high resolution scan of their work before they pop it in the post. With no further delay, below is a section of the current batch with the lost in action piece and artist credits at the end.

In no particular order the mail art above is by the following artists: Rachael Snapw, Ella Goodwin, Mariya Olshevska, Tina Löffler, Nicole Pustelny, Layal Idriss, Anne Nierengarten, Kaori Sakata, Iryna Desukevich, Bruce Wilson, Theresa Weston, Flavia Chan, Anna Sokolova, Amelia Grace Gossman, Margreet de Jong, Emma Russell and Richard Pendry.


Lost in action: Doc Brown by Claire Patchett.

If you’d like to find out more about Mail Me Art, check out the LCS project page: All are welcome to take part, there’s still plenty of time before the deadline. All you need is a copy of the MMA3 book. Buy it at:

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