The Second Batch – MMA: Open All Hours

The mail art for Mail Me Art 4 is slowly trickling in. We’ve not set a deadline for MMA4 yet and it may end up being a joint show and publication with MMA5. You’ve still got plenty of time if you wanted to grab yourself a copy of the MMA3 book and take part. If you’ve already got a copy that’s fantastic, just get yourself registered and post us your mail art. Getting to what you came here for, below is a gallery of some of our recently received submissions. A list of credits is at the end of this post.

In no particular order the mail art above is by the following artists: Marc Scheff, Jamie Ho, Michel Martins, Becca Thorne, Martin Thake & Gina Ulgen, Rob Freimuller, Margaret Anne Suggs and Terri Kelleher.

If you’d like to find out more about Mail Me Art, check out the LCS project page:

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