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Mail Me Art is a project that has brought together an international community of artists and illustrators, amateur and professional alike, through art in the form of mail. The posted package itself is the work of art and, unlike a traditional letter or parcel, it is intended to be received and admired for it’s own sake. While a normal item of mail fulfils a practical purpose such as delivering a bill, a letter from a loved one, a notice from an employer, or a gift sent by a friend, with mail art the box or envelope becomes the centre of attention instead. Medium without a Message, was chosen as a tagline for the second MMA project to reflect this – the medium of delivery carries no message inside – and I feel that this tagline helps to identify the spirit of the project. The artwork is supposed to be fun and to a certain extent disposable, not an in-depth look into the soul of the artist. I don’t care what anyone says, the most sensational piece of artwork can be created for no reason other than to look interesting. It doesn’t need to have a meaning or a reason behind it, or even carry a message!

So far, Mail Me Art has consisted of five exhibitions, three books, over 1,500 pieces of mail art and a hell of a lot of work! This site is filled with lots of useful information, imagery and merchandise relating to the Mail Me Art project, but if you have any questions please feel free to email me at darren@mailmeart.com

Mail Me Art: Open All Hours is taking place now (2014), if you would like to take part you’ll need to get yourself a copy of Mail Me Art: Short & Sweet (Book #3).

Written by Darren Di Lieto (Find me on Facebook)

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  3. Hope Hawkins

    Hello! I am very interested in the mail art exhibitions and the medium itself. I am a 2nd year graduate student at Western Kentucky University in the Folk Studies program. My Folk Art project this year can concern anything I can justify as folk art. I really find this interesting and was wondering if you or anyone you could connect me with would do a 9phone, skype, messenger) interview about this art and the importance of keeping it alive, etc… I look forward to hearing from you and cheers!

  4. Michelle

    Hi! 🙂

    Just came across this page while reading the reviews of your book in Amazon.com. I have been interested in mail art for a while but not brave (or creative) enough to try it – I started scrapbooking and evolved to art journaling. I still consider myself a novice and use it mostly as stress reliever. Please let me know about your next exhibition. Hopefully is near me.


  5. Lisa Sherman

    I picked up a copy of Good Mail Day recently and can’t wait to get started. I am very interested in your project. Lisa

  6. Ivy


    I like this project you talk about. How can I find out if you will have it in 2012?? I would be interested in participating. Thank you so much. Its a nice thing.

  7. Sarah Pavlus

    please add me to your mailing list, I am interested in the upcoming project and want to submit something.

  8. Djesbeeb

    It is very nice to receive a newsletter about Mail art. I loves Mail Art and I make also Mailart-enveloppe for people that I know. I am sorry for my badly English …
    Very much success for your project !

    Bye bye and greetings of Djesbeeb from the Netherlands

  9. Charlotte Geister

    I`m an artist living in a smaller Town in Germany and would really like to take part in a project of Mail me art!
    Please let me know when you start to work

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